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Trying to live each and every day to the fullest is easier said that done when things like illness or injury hit us as we get older.

When our elderly parents or our spouse start to experience signs of dementia or other degenerative conditions, ELDER CARE COORDINATION becomes more and more essential.

Elder Care Coordination creates a road map for the futre, allowing you to make important choices for yourself and your loved one before things get out of control.

And if things are becoming stressful it can help to quickly right the ship.

What is Elder Care Coordination?

Together, with our elder care coordinators we will work with you and your family, guiding you as your care needs are identified.

The world of elder care can be a complex maze of information and care coordination needs careful planning for it to ensure a loved one maintains their quality of life.

That’s why we provide client advocacy every step of the way as we create a personalized Elder Care Plan that takes into consideration your loved one’s various needs and priorities depending on their stage of dementia.

Our goal for any plan is to deliver safety and comfort for your relative while giving peace of mind and to you and your family.

Whether your plan needs to be created in terms of long distance support or local, the end game is the same.

In essence, elder care planning is about making sure that your loved is able to receive the best care necessary in the most comfortable, most appropriate living situation.

For some families, your loved one may require round-the-clock skilled nursing care; for others, an at-home arrangement may provide enough care.

This will depend on where they are in terms of their degenerative condition.

As circumstances change, a well-drafted Elder Care Coordination Plan will account for these changes – adapting as you go to make certain your loved one’s needs are met and with the least amount of disruption to quality of life.

Dealing With The Financial & Legal Side?

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a care plan, and where the elder law attorneys affiliated with GuideWise excel, is in making sure your family member is able to take advantage of all the public health care for which they qualify, including Medicare, Medicaid and VA benefits.

Further, our elder law planning advocates have helped countless families in Virgina, like yours, by employing legal strategies to protect aging loved ones’ financial assets and provide peace of mind.


Who Needs an Elder Care Coordination Plan & How Can It Benefit Your Family?

If your loved one is facing any of the following situations, an Elder Care Coordination Plan designed by the caring, experienced team of elder care coordinators at GuideWise will provide you with peace of mind, immediately and as your loved one’s care needs progress:

  • Normal effects of aging, including depression, forgetfulness, less energy, etc.
  • Illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and cancer
  • Traumatic injury, such as a broken hip or burn, stemming from an accident or fall
  • Conditions that impact someone’s ability to reason, think and care for themselves such as a stroke, heart attack and even debilitating arthritis
  • Permanent disability from disease or injury that causes mobility issues requiring increased care

There are myriad benefits to creating an Elder Care Coordination Plan for your aging loved one. First, you make sure they are safe and well-cared for as their condition worsens and need for additional care becomes apparent. At the same time, however, you are fostering an atmosphere that allows your relative to age with dignity, maintaining their independence as much as possible while they are still able to manage for themselves in some fashion.

An Elder Care Coordination Plan also anticipates future care needs. When you hope for the best and plan for something that is less than ideal, you can be sure that you’ve covered your bases when you had the time and energy to make the best decisions. A good plan coordinates all medical services, helps you figure out how to pay for the necessary care – now and later – and includes legal protection to make sure your loved one’s assets stay where they belong – with your family.

Learn More about How Elder Care Coordination Brings Peace of Mind

GuideWise’s experienced elder care lawyers and Elder Care Coordination Team will work with your family to create an Elder Care Plan that provides your loved one with the care they need and deserve. At the same time, we will make sure the assets they’ve worked their whole life to accumulate will be preserved for the people who were intended to receive them.